All Together Now

It is my vision to celebrate our connection to one another through art. I acknowledge the creativity and love that has birthed every piece offered in the All Together Now collection. It is my hope that you see yourself as an integral part of a beautiful collective of people that enjoys the space they take up in the world. I want to encourage each of you to celebrate yourself in vibrant colors and textures. The offerings on this site are chosen from the heart. I seek creations that contribute to the sustainability of various local and global artists, as well as communities. I also just love to see beautiful people in beautiful wares.

I started my retail journey about 10 years ago. The focus back then was mostly unique handbags, jewelry, incense, and a few hand-carved knickknacks. You would most likely catch me at festivals, vendor shows, farmer’s markets, and house parties. Boy did I have fun! (I still do)

I am grateful to have expanded and now have the opportunity to bring you so much more. I look forward to helping you celebrate your unique style and I joyously offer you an amazing collection of Beautiful Wearable Art and Accessories.

I give thanks for your support and kindness,
Xena Foreman, Your Local Love and Harmony Promoter.

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